Walerya Bromberg
Born: April 5, 1871 Mlawa, Mlawa, Poland

Married: November 11, 1896, Mlawa, Mlawa, Poland
Died: January 29, 1933, Millvale, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, of a Cerebral Apoplexy

Father: Jakub Bromberg b.1827
Mother: Franciszka Rachuba b.1845

Husband: Stanislaw Stolarski b.1876

Marianna Stolarski b.1897
Janina Stolarski b.1899
Raymond Stolarski b.1906
Edward Stolarski b.1908
Stella Stolarski b.1911
Matthew Stolarski b.1913
Cecelia Stolarski b.1914

-Religion: Catholic
-Buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery February 02, 1933, in Allegheny County, PA.
-Immigrated from Poland on ship, "Neckar" on October 26, 1904. Two children Janina and Mariana came with her to meet their father in Pittsburgh. They rode in the steerage section.
-Also known as Valeria
-Birth Source: 1910 Census/1920 Census/1930 Census, Gravestone
-Birth Source: Warsaw Archives (1871, Mlawa)
-Marriage Source: 1910 Census
-Death Source: Death Certificate, Gravestone
-1930 US Census
-1920 US Census
-1910 US Census
-Immigrant's Ship Manifest

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