James Aloysius Callahan
Born: June 16, 1888 Philadelphia, PA

Married: January 3, 1911, Philadelphia
Occupation: Filmmaker,Politician, Real Estate
Died: September 21, 1957, Belleville, New Jersey. -Heart Failure
Buried: Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Father: Charles A. Callahan b.1848
Mother: Mary McCloskey b.1855

Wife: Lillian Bersch b.1893

John Callahan b.1912
Charles A. Callahan b.1913
Dorathy Callahan b.1926

-Lillian was 2nd wife. Was first married to a Catherine, until about 1910. She was probably the Kathyrn M. Fink who married a James A. Callahan in Philadelphia in 1907.
-In the 1920s he was a director and actor in Atlantic City in the "James A. Callahan comedy series".
   He left after a severe hand injury during filming involving a helecopter propeller.
   He was also involved in the "Our Gang" comedies.
-Moved to Caldwell, NJ in 1926
-Was president of Hanover Company, Inc in the 1940s, a building and development firm.
-Birth Year very likely 1891, not 1888. WWI Draft card and 1900 census give 1891. WWII Draft Card gives 1890. All June 16th.
-Social Security Number: 114-10-7809
-Birth Source: Death Certificate
-Marriage Source: Delaware Marriage Records, marriage performed by G.L. Wolfe.
-Death Source: Death Certificate
-1930 US Census
-1910 US Census - Gives Birth Year as 1890 or 1891.
-1900 US Census - Gives Birth Month as June 1891

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