1920 Census

Newark, New Jersey, District 162, Page 6B

134 Hudson Street

Siro and Angelina Bottarini listed as Husband and wife. Both born in Italy, with both sets of parents born in Italy. Both speak Italian. Immigration date for both is 1907. Both are Resident Aliens. Siro's profession is listed as a Laborer.

Children in household:

-Bottarini,George, 4/12, born NJ, Hard to read birthdate, could be ?/12
-Roleighi, Stephen 8 y.o., "step-son", born NJ, Father born NJ, mother in Italy
-", Joseph 15 y.o., born NJ, father born NJ, mother born Poland
-", Rose, 13 y.o., born NJ, father botn NJ, mother born Poland