1920 Census

Nutley, New Jersey, Page 19A

1 Ohlson Avenue

James and Augusta Connors listed as Husband and wife. He born in NJ, her in NY. They own their home in Nutley. James's profession is listed as Salesman. James lists his parents as both born in Ireland. Both of Augusta's parents are listed born in Germany.

Children in household, all born in NJ, except Helen, who's birthplace is illegible:
-Helen, 15 y.o., working (illegible) -John, 11 y.o.,
-Michael, 7 y.o.,
-James, Jr., 4 y.o.,
-Adalaide, 3y 9m
-Winifred, 1

Also, The Rieth family is living on the same street, including Edward Rieth, future husband of Helen "Nellie" Connors.