Mabel Dolson
Born: September 7, 1907 Wycoff, NJ


Married: January 23, 1926 Bloomingdale, New Jersey
Died:June 11, 2003, Arlington, Virginia.
Buried:July 2003, Falls Village, CT

Father: T.H. Dolson b.1863
Mother: Marguerite MacFarland b.1875

Husband: John Kinney b.1903

John W Kinney b.1928
Mercy Kinney

-Lived in Atlantic City, NJ and later Clifton and Weehawken, NJ.
-Lived in Rhode Island for a while, while husband worked on the Newport, RI Suspension Bridge over the Narragansett Bay
-Lived in Falls Village CT for many years in the home her parents-in-law purchased in 1927.
-Religion: Dutch Reform
-Member of the Eastern Star
-Birth Source: American Compendium of Genealogy Vol IV, Interview.
-Marriage Source: American Compendium of Genealogy Vol IV, Interview
-Death Source: Attended Funeral
-1930 US Census
-1910 US Census

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