Clara Sophia Lenkner
Born: November 26, 1872 Troy Hill, Pittsburgh, PA

Married: January 21, 1903 Allegheny City, Pennsylvania
Died:December 31, 1950, Union City Hospital, Pennsylvania

Father: George Lenkner b.1846
Mother: Elizabeth Heilman b.1847

Husband: William Simpson b.1866

Mary Simpson b.1904
John F. Simpson b.1905
Elmer Simpson b.1909
Esther Clara Simpson b.1911

-She is buried in Waterford, PA, near her mother.
-Birth Source: Notes of Al Lenkner. Notes of Elmer Simpson
-Marriage Source: E-mail from Al Lenkner
-Death Source: Notes of Elmer Simpson. Tombstone
-1930 US Census
-1920 US Census
-1910 US Census
-1900 US Census
-1880 US Census

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