William Elmer Simpson
Born: April 14, 1866 Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri

Married: January 21, 1903 Allegheny City, Pennsylvania
Occupation:Worked as a Meter Reader at a Paper Mill
Died:May 20, 1925, Erie, PA

Father: Eliab Simpson b.1840
Mother: Hannah Wise b.1836

Wife: Clara Lenkner b.1872

Mary Simpson b.1904
John F. Simpson b.1905
Elmer Simpson b.1909
Esther Clara Simpson b.1911

-William Elmer Simpson fought in Spanish American War in Company "A" 12th US infantry, Army. He enlisted 12/31/1898, and served until Dec 3,1901, where he was removed from active duty in California, after fighting in the Bahamas. He was an artificer, which is a blacksmith, carpenter, or maybe one who prepared the shells, fuses, granades, etc in a military laboratory. After the war, he came to Pittsburgh to work on Oil Wells, and at that time, he boarded in the residence of Elizabeth (Heilman) Lenkner. He married Elizabethís daughter Clara Sophia Lenkner, in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. They lived in West Virginia, and possibly Virginia for some time, and then moved to Waterford, PA where they settled permanently
-William was not a healthy man, and by the time he was fifty-nine, he had moved into the Soldierís and Sailorís Home in Erie, PA, a home for disabled or sick veterans. Among the many conditions he was diagnosed with were Malaria, a heart infection, nephritis, chronic sunburn, and myocarditis. In May of that year, he was moved to a Washington, D.C. hospital for treatment. After he moved back to PA, he died the next year on May 20, 1925. He is buried behind the Veteranís home.
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-Marriage Source: E-mail from Al Lenkner
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