Stanislaw Stolarski
Born: March 15, 1876 Wieczfnia, Mlawa, Poland

Married: October 30, 1896 Mlawa, Mlawa, Poland
(Nov 11th Gregorian Calendar)
Occupation: Worked in a Steel Mill, and also was a Pointer
Died: October 06, 1933, Millvale, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, of a skull fracture due to a fall

Father: Mateusz Stolarski b.c.1845
Mother: Antonina Wypych b.c.1853

Wife: Wallerya Bromberg b.1871

Marianna Stolarski b.1897
Janina Stolarski b.1899
Raymond Stolarski b.1906
Edward Stolarski b.1908
Stella Stolarski b.1911
Matthew Stolarski b.1913
Cecelia Stolarski b.1914


Stanislaw was born March 15th in the Julian Calendar, and what is March 27th in our contemporary Gregorian Calendar. Russia did not move to the Gregorian Calendar until the Russian Revolution of 1918, and Poland was under Russian rule at this time. His Original Birth record is still existant in the Archives at Mlawa, and it records his birth in the parish of Wieczfnia. View it here. He was a Catholic.

He was married to his wife in Mlawa, Poland. See the original record of this marriage here: Original Marriage Register. The marriage register says he was married at 4pm by Leon Olshewsky in front of two witnesses, Yuliy Krushinsky and Anton Chepchinsky at the church. It also states the full birth names of the bride and groom's parents. The marriage record is written in old Cyrillic Russian script, even though Stanislaw and his wife were ethnic Polish who spoke the Polish language. This is because it had been the law since 1868 that all vital records were recorded in Russian.

Stanley immigrated to the United States first, coming through Ellis Island on March 20, 1901. The original Ship's Manifest that lists Stani can be viewed Here He traveled with a cousin Stanislaw Rutkowsky, and they settled in Pittsburgh, where Stani took up work as a labourer in a steel mill. His wife and two eldest children who were born in Poland did not travel to join him until 1904. At least two brothers Jan "John", and Szcepan ("Stephen") would also emigrate to Pittsburgh.

In 1910, Stani and family were living at 3233 Dixon Ave in Pittsburgh, and by 1920 they were at 4826 Mossfield St. In 1930, the family is recorded living in Milvale and he is working as a chopper in the Mill. Residing at 304 Stanton Avenue which is still standing the way it was in 1930 (as of 2007).

In 1933 he was working as a pointer. He patched and repaired the mortar in old brick buildings. In doing this work, he would use a set of ropes with a seat or something like that to work on the walls of a building. He had just bought a new rig, but decided to use the old rig one last time to help a friend with his place when the rig broke and he fell to his death, farcturing his skull. He was buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery on October 9, 1933.

Also went by name "Stanley"

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-Marriage Source: 1910 Census, Original Marriage Register from Mlawa, Poland
-Death Source: Death Certificate, Gravestone. His death certificate lists his father's name as "Albert", but this is clearly in error.
-1930 US Census
-1920 US Census
-1910 US Census
-Immigrant's Ship Manifest
-Recollections of grandon Rich. Stolarski

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