Margaret Winifred West
Born: June 11, 1872 Peoria, Illinois


Married: June 9, 1900 Chicago, Illinois
Died:January 12, 1952, Weehawken, New Jersey

Father: John A. West b.1834
Mother: Margaret McMillan b.1834

Husband: Troy Kinney b.1871

John W Kinney b.1903


Margaret received her first formal art training at the Art Students League in New York under William M. Chase (1890-1891). She then traveled to Paris to further her studies. While in Paris, Margaret was accepted into the Academy Julian under the tutelage of Tony Robert-Fleury and Jules-Joseph Lefebvre. After a period at the Academy (1891-1895) she entered the Atelier Bougereau and studied under Louis-Joseph-Raphael Collin. She then studied briefly at the Beaux Arts Academy under Luc-Oliver Merson.

Margaret West returned to the United States and continued her studies in Boston. She then moved to Chicago to open a studio at the Fine Arts Building. In 1901, she exhibited one painting at the Art Institute of Chicago. While in Chicago, Margaret met and later married, Chicago painter Troy Kinney, who was one of her students. In 1910, they were commissioned to illustrate Ibanez's book, "Blood and Sand". To accomplish this task, they traveled to Spain, and stayed there for a year, where they took many pictures and painted many Spanish scenes, especially of dancers, of which they seemed to become very interested in at this time. Upon their return, Troy and Margaret spent the next three years devoted to painting dancing subjects, and the subject of movement in dance.

Margaret West Kinney was elected into the Society of Illustrators in 1912. She and her husband illustrated together under the name "the Kinneys", for Century, Saturday Evening Post, Harper's and novels, etc. They also co-authored a book, "The Dance, It's Place in Art and Life." She became a very popular illustrator and etcher, also being a well recognized mural and portrait painter. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment was her paintings of the sculptures found at Antioch of the apostles. She opened up a studio with her husband near their new home in secluded Falls Village, Connecticut, where they worked for many years.

-Buried South Canaan, CT, next to husband.

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