James Patrick Connors
Born: December 06, 1883 Jersey City, New Jersey

Married: May 19, 1904, Bloomfield, New Jersey
Occupation: Moulder/Salesman/Gambler
Died: September 26, 1961, Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey. -Heart Attack
Buried: Cloverleaf Park Cemetery, Woodbridge, NJ

Father: Dominic O'Conner b.c.1855
Mother: Winnefred Kennedy b.1857

Wife: Augusta Caroline Mahn b.1887

Helen "Nellie" Connors b. 1904
John Connors b.1908
Michael Connors b.1912
James Connors b.1915
Lucille Connors b.May 1914 d.c.1918-1920
Adelaide Connors b.1916
Winifred Connors b.1918
Marion Callahan b.1920

-Marriage Certificate lists birth year as 1884. However, there is his Christening Record which is in the IGI as: Christening 12/16/1883 St. Patrick's, Jersey City, NJ
-Religion: Roman Catholic

-Birth Source: Marraige Certificate/Death Certificate/1910 Census/1930 Census/Christening Record
-Marriage Source: Marriage Certificate
-Death Source: Death Certificate.
-1900 US Census : Living with Mother, and brother Martin in Bloomfield, NJ. Born: Dec 1884 NJ
-1910 US Census : Living in Bloomfield, NJ
-1920 US Census
-1930 US Census

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